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Christmas Lights

Installation of Christmas Lights in Edmund, OK

Since our first year in business, Payneless Lawns has installed Christmas lights in Edmond and surrounding areas. We only use commercial, custom fit, C9 LED Christmas lights. These are the best lights you can buy.

Each quote includes everything needed for your Christmas lights to be fully operational.

  • Heavy duty commercial light strands
  • Commercial C9 LED light bulbs
  • All clips needed to install on home
  • Heavy duty extension cord designed just for Christmas lights
  • Timer needed to program lights
  • Christmas light installation
  • Careful removal of Christmas lights
  • Storage box to keep it all in

When you have Payneless Lawns install new commercial C9 LED Christmas lights on your home, all of the lights are yours to keep. Most companies rent their lights to you, but we work differently. After the first year, all of the lights will be yours to keep making the following year much cheaper.

Each quote is based off of how many feet are needed in lights. We simply come out and efficiently measure the areas of your home where you would like lights installed. We also do tree wraps and install mini LED lights on shrubs.

What is the difference between installing commercial Christmas lights and using store bought lights?

Our lights are fully customized. We can install as many or as few lights in a row as needed. With store bought lights, you have to install as many lights as it comes with on each strand. Often time with store bought lights you end up with too many or too few lights. With Payneless Lawns, you will never have to deal with this problem making it yet again, a “payneless” experience.

Christmas Lights Oklahoma City

Our commercial C9 LED lights have five diodes in each bulb. They are much bigger and brighter than store bought lights. Store bought lights are not near as big and they only contain a single LED diode.

When one of our Commercial C9 LED lights goes out, only that bulb goes out. All of the other lights in the strand stay lit. When one light goes out on store bought lights, the whole strand goes out.

Since our lights are fully customized, we have many great color options. They include: Warm white, Cool white, Multi Color, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink, and Teal. We have several customers that alternate colors as well.

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What Are They Saying?

Joshua Reed

I once let my back yard grow to about 4 feet tall. Eric at Payneless Lawns just laughed and went to work. He is fast, friendly, and very good at his job. A Christian and a family man. I will continue to give him my business, but moving forward won't let it get so out of hand before I call him.

What Are They Saying?

Mark Walker

I've tried all these commercial brands but they could never have my lawn weed free until Payneless Lawns

What Are They Saying?

Janice Taylor

We used another guy for 3 years and we seriously had the ugliest yard on our block. Our yard was mostly just crabgrass, we tried everything even after firing the old guy!

Hired Eric and I swear he worked magic on our yard!!

He’s friendly, reliable, AFFORDABLE and my little one loves watching him from the window, as he mows and waves.

What Are They Saying?

Chanda Leah Pitts

Great customer service. Payneless Lawns became our savior last summer and we had a beautiful yard.

He came out and did an excellent installation of our Christmas lights as well.

What Are They Saying?

Judy Rinehart

Payneless Lawns does a great job! I highly recommend him to anyone that needs lawn service.

What Are They Saying?

Kathy Towry

Not only does he mow, weed eat and edge and spray for weeds. He does it twice in the spring and fall. He's actually gone out to the cemetery for me and sprayed for weeds and mowed my daughters grave site. Now I think that's going above and beyond. His rates are very competitive and actually beats the last guy I was using. I highly recommend this Christian man. He's been a lifesaver for me.

What Are They Saying?

Misty Robinson

Highly recommend!!! They have done our lawn 4 times now and we are very pleased with the results! They are very consistent with the day and time they come and consistent with the quality of work!! Also have fair and reasonable prices!

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